Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Bleuette goes Japanese

The LSDS 1939 Kimono pattern got me interested but I wanted a more authentic look.  I hope you like it, it will be for sale when I come back from my  holidays on 2nd July.

The set consists of:
 Under Kimono - Juban of 100% cotton
Top Kimono - Japanese print Brocade
Obi - Printed and Embroidered Silk
Cords to tie Juban and Kimono
Obiage - Yellow satin
Obi String Cord
Fan & Sandals
Full instructions by pictures on how to dress your doll correctly.

Rear View of Kimono

Hair trim and Obi Bow
Front view of Kimono
Side View of Kimono

Decorated Fan

Rear view of Obi